DESTINATION engagement sessions

WHAT are they and how do they work?

taken in ENGLAND!

What are the chances you're from upstate

new york?

I'm gonna bet chances are pretty slim. Living in the beautiful and remote Adirondacks is wonderful but also means you're probably holding a destination wedding here and are in no way local.


it means that unless we can schedule your engagement session for that one quick weekend you're here doing 8 billion other wedding-related chores, these photos might not happen. 

you can always book a photographer local to where you live for your engagement session.

But this means there will be no cohesiveness

between your engagement photos and your wedding photos.


It *also* means we ultimately won't meet before your wedding. Engagement sessions are super important in that we get comfortable with one another before your big day.



Enter the

destination engagement session


you are not responsible for paying for my time, only my travel expenses.

classic engagement

sessions last

one hour but

with destination sessions, your time is unlimited.

you decide how much (or little) you want to pay for.

travel costs you're automatically responsible for:

Travel to and from departing airport


additional travel costs you *could* be responsible for:

What do you mean *could* be responsible for?

Rental car/Uber rides


Hotel room

Couples have the option to take care of me while I'm working with them (i.e. pick me up and drop me off at the airport, host, and feed me) or let me take care of all of the above.

You can pick & choose as well what you want to cover. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you feel comfortable with!


most weekend trips end up costing well under $1000

(or, the cost of a three hour engagement session with me). Overall value adds up quick.

Point Reyes, CA!

hypothetical destination engagement session costs

Say I'm arriving Friday night and departing Sunday afternoon.

You plan on taking care of me 100% (all transportation, meals, and accommodations.)

We'll shoot at sunrise Saturday morning, sunset Saturday evening, and again at sunrise Sunday morning.

a la carte cost

destination session cost

Transportation to & from airport - $90

Airport parking - $20

Airfare - $500

Transportation to & from airport - $90

Airport parking - $20

Airfare - $500

Meals - $150

Rental car - $100

Hotel room - $250

8 hours shooting time - $2,800

total $3,910

total $610

going on vacation? book your session then.

get creative with these sessions!

They don't have to take place where you live.

love hiking in the grand canyon as a couple?

Let's go hiking and get some EPIC shots.

Enjoy that nomadic van life and the freedom to head wherever?

Joshua Tree is calling our name! Imagine some night shots with a warm campfire in front of your camper van and a slew of stars glowing overhead.

All about that LOTR Aestethic?

Airfare to Iceland is super cheap. Les'go!

San Francisco!

San Francisco!

alright. what's the catch?

there are three,

but I'd like to think they're fairly minor.

One. these only apply to sessions outside of new york state cannot apply them to destination weddings (they have their own special discounts, just ask!).

three. if booking a stand-alone session (not part of a wedding package), you do need to pay the session's cost but still get unlimited

shooting time.


epic info.


take me back to packages.