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What would your wedding day look like if there were no boundaries?

When you first start planning your wedding, the best mindset you and your partner can have is one with no boundaries. This part of the process has nothing to do with limits, so forget for a moment about what's "feasible," and just let yourself dream.

I whole-heartedly believe that no single elopement or wedding is exactly like another -- just like there's no couple out there that's exactly the same. So don't limit yourself to what you've seen on blogs, social media, from friends and family, or even from me. Your wedding day is about creating a day that's going to make you feel the most alive, happy, relaxed, and in-love.

This part of the planning process is all about letting your imagination go wild, and envisioning the most enjoyable day for the two of you, that would celebrate your relationship in the most authentic way. Forget about any restrictions for a moment and just dream big -- that's where you'll find what speaks most to you. You'll have time to figure out the details later.

Pro Tip: Make brainstorming about your best wedding experience a date night!

Cuddle up on the sofa, have a delicious dinner, or go for a walk to your favorite place -- whatever's your favorite way to spend quality time with your partner, go do it!

Start thinking about what the perfect wedding day would look like for you both if there were no obstacles in your way.

Grab your partner's hand (no seriously, grab it) and shut your eyes. Think hard about the day you're going to stand next to each other, holding each other's hands like you're doing right now, and saying your vows. Try to picture it all.

Now, ask yourself: Where are you? What do you see?

You don't need to know specifics to give this experiment a go -- this can be super vague to start. Are you on top of a mountain you've just hiked up? Are you hanging out in a rooftop bar looking out at the city lights? Are you standing between vines tasting wines? Are you sitting in a kayak on a river? Are you running hand-in-hand down a moody, sandy beach toward a picnic blanket decked out with your favorite treats?

There are no wrong answers. The most important thing is to try to let go of what anyone else thinks and to avoid shooting down ideas for not being practical (just yet).


Looking for a few creative ideas to get the brainstorming going? Here's some questions to think about together:

  • What have been the best days that you two have had together as a couple? Where were you and what did you do together?

  • Describe how the perfect elopement day would feel -- are you relaxed? Excited? Happy? Content? Free of any and all stress? Really talk about the feeling you're chasing.

  • Close your eyes and picture your wedding day -- what's it like? Are there other people around? Or is it just you? Do you see busy streets, family & friends, your dog(s), or an empty landscape?

  • What does the scenery look like? Do you see mountains? A city skyline? A waterfall? An ocean? Cliffs? A desert? A lake? A cabin in the woods? A vineyard? A beach?

  • What about the weather, temperature, and what you are wearing? What would be the most comfortable and the most "you"?

  • How much time are you dedicating to your elopement? Is it part of a honeymoon trip? Is it a weekend adventure in your favorite spot or a multi-week trek somewhere new?

  • Who do you see there with you on your day? Your friends? Family members? Your furry best friend? Or are you craving a "just for us" day?

  • What are you doing together on your wedding day -- are you going out for a drive or going on a hike? What about relaxing in a hammock or soaking in a hot spring?

  • What does your ceremony look like? Are you reading vows? Are there religious or traditional aspects? Is there something meaningful you'd love to include that's special for you?

  • How did you fall in love -- are there ways you want to implement that into your ceremony? A special place? A special moment? A special song?

  • Are you eating your favorite foods on your elopement day? Drinking your favorite beverages?

Pro Tip: Write down all of the ideas that are sparked during this process so that you can refer back to them later when you're making concrete decisions. 

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