A Romantic Summertime Wedding in the Hudson Valley | Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

On a balmy summer day, these two got married on the bride's parent's gorgeous property in the Hudson Valley area of upstate New York.

Gardens were manicured to perfection with colorful blooms overflowing their beds. The fields of wheat flowing gently in the wind were a beautiful soft green and the massive yard was mowed meticulously (prompting the question of who's responsibility was it to mow this huge space!?).

It can be tough to host a wedding on private property. The logistics of planning it border insanity but Whitney and Dave (along with Whitney's amazing parents) pulled it off seamlessly. The tent was decorated with wildflowers, live trees, and edison bulbs (hello backyard garden party!). Small tables dotted the property, overlooking the forest backdrop and small pond nestled at the bottom of a hill. Whitney pointed out various rooms of the house she remembered painting as a small child. As far as venues go, this one was pretty special.

After spending a weekend photographing Whitney and Dave's engagement photos out in San Francisco, seeing them again felt like returning to old friends. I push engagement sessions pretty hard for this reason. Whitney and Dave knew me. Like, really knew me, by their wedding day. Not just "We've been emailing for a year. Maybe a few phone calls, too." But knew who I was, how I worked, my personality, and how I'd interact with them. And I knew the same about them. This solid foundation resulted in an easy camaraderie and natural-looking photos.

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