Bethany + Ryan : Engagement Session

Whew! Another month has flown by up here in the north country! These last few weeks have been jammed with portrait sessions and a two week trip to Iceland! Heck yes for LOTS of new blogging material!

Today's blog post is a super cool engagement shoot with a super cool couple. Bethany and Ryan are these rad, outdoorsy people who are in love and are getting married in the High Peaks of the Adirondacks this summer. I happen to be a photographer who likes photographing rad, outdoorsy people in love in the Adirondacks. Ultimately, this is a win-win all around.

These two traveled across the state for their engagement shoot so we decided to break it up into two sessions - a soft, romantic sunset shoot and then a camp-themed one the following morning. The day of their evening shoot rained and rained and rained. Since they were driving several hours for this, I was getting a little nervous. There was just no option for rescheduling (though, since then I did shoot a couple in the POURING rain and mist in Iceland and it was AMAZING. I would encourage every couple to do a super moody shoot in the rain!)

Just before they arrived though, the skies cleared and the sun broke through. The bugs, fearing another downpour I'm sure, stayed in their little bug homes and we had an hour of beautiful light and dry weather. The next morning dawned muggy and bright and those black flies were out in force! Luckily for me, Bethany and Ryan were super troopers and bravely sat for another hour of photos, even with kamikaze flies determined to bombard our eyes, ears, and mouths.

I hope you enjoy their photos! Stay tuned for their wedding photos, coming early fall!

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