Bohemian Styled Elopement at The River Ranch in Lake Placid, NY | ADK Elopement Photographer

Styled shoots can mess with realistic expectations, right?

It's happened to all of us. We're scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest and we see this incredible photo taken in the area where we're getting married -- heck, it might even be at your venue!

The couple looks amazing. Hair and make-up are flawless. The suit, impeccable. The dress? A literal dream.

There are flowers everywhere. Hanging from the ceiling, draped across tables. Intricate archways and the most incredible ceremony arbor. The bouquet is the exquisite balance of rustic but elegant. Wild but restrained.

You click on the photo and continue to scroll through the rest of the gallery. Expensive shoes nestle in a veil decorated with tiny seed pearls. A hand-painted custom invitation with gold trimmed edges lays proudly among diamond jewelry. The cake. Is it even real!

You save one shot, then two...then ALL OF THEM. Because you have found EXACTLY what you want your wedding to be! Inspiration found, let the planning begin!

After some digging and link-clicking, you begin to discover a few things.

The couple isn't an actual couple. They're models. They're models who were hired for this day and met an hour before the shoot started.

The make-up and hair look flawless for a reason. The stylist flew in from NYC and sure, can fly in for your wedding a premium.

The suit was probably rented so heck, you're okay there. You can rent a suit.

The dress though? Also could be rented. But it's most likely a rental from a high-end designer who no sorry, does not rent gowns for actual wedding days.

But wait, the flowers came from someone *somewhat* local! Amazing! You caught a break! Until you're told how much all those flowers would actually cost on a wedding day. It's one thing to decorate a small corner of a studio and make it look like the entire "wedding" was floral-filled and an entirely different thing to have a wedding that's *actually* filled with florals.

You don't care a bit about expensive shoes - you'll probably kick them off after the ceremony anyways. That veil though. It's the heirloom you know you'd be proud to pass on to your daughter one day...until you find a similar one for $1600.

Styled shoots can be huge bummers and can set totally unrealistic expectations. They're fun to plan, fun to put together, and really fun to shoot but can be totally misleading to the unsuspecting couple.

Neutral-toned wedding invitation and accessories at Lake Placid bohemian wedding

That's why a group of local-to-Lake Placid vendors set out to create a styled shoot that is 100% obtainable for the average engaged couple.

The flowers come from local florist, Black Sheep Gardens. The venues? None other than famed rental property, the Lake Placid River Ranch and local store, Adirondack Store & Gallery. Coordinated by local wedding planner, Placid Planner with hair & make-up expertly applied by Katherine Elizabeth Salon. The cake (which tasted as good as it looked!) came from The Fancy Cake Box and photos taken by yours truly, Mountainaire Gatherings! We are all LOCAL to Lake Placid and the Adirondacks which means, everything you see here can be replicated for your own upstate New York wedding or elopement.

Dried flower crown adorns white felted hat for Lake Placid River Ranch wedding

Curious about the accessories? Also TOTALLY obtainable. Click on the links below to find out where we sourced our items!

Bridal Headpiece | Wedding Dress | Pom-Pom Earrings | Fringe Earrings | Invitation | Hat | Suit

Now that you have all the details, scroll to see the results of our bohemian styled-wedding at The Lake Placid River Ranch in the Adirondack mountains of upstate New York!


Bride's bolero hat and wedding flowers for Lake Placid elopement

We Are Reclamation wedding dress in rustic River Ranch bedroom

Groom gets ready for his wedding at the River Ranch in upstate New York

Black and white portrait of a groom smiling on his wedding day in Lake Placid

Bride prepares to step into her wedding gown at The River Ranch in upstate New York

Alternative bride at her Lake Placid wedding