Celebratory First Blog Post

Every photographer has to run some sort of blog, right? At least, that's what all the articles on Google affirmed. Blogs are started for several reasons: easy updating to your website = better SEO results because Google LOVES new, tantilizing content, it's a simple way to get personal with your clients, and those who have trusted you enough to photograph them (big shout out to Liam + Bekah for being willing for this first post!) have an opportunity to share these posts with friends and family...which ultimately is a win-win for all (hello, word-of-mouth marketing!).

With all that being said, coming to you for the very first time, Rebekah + Liam Campbell.


This shoot, although not a real wedding, was made to look like one. In reality, Bekah and Liam have been married for several years already, but were the perfect models to use for this promotional (yes okay, it was done soley for promotional reasons) shoot.

For those familiar with the Speculator/Lake Pleasant area, Oak Mountain has recently teamed up with the Bell Estate to offer the property as an offsite wedding venue. Although several weddings have taken place on the property over the years, photographs had never been acquired for use in future marketing.

Over the summer, I was named the wedding coordinator for the Bell Estate and figured it was the perfect opportunity to a: market my own company, Mountainaire Gatherings, by setting up and directing this shoot and b: provide the proprietor of the estate with photographs she can use for her own marketing purposes.

I've known Bekah and Liam for several years now and when I asked them to be my models, I said I would need Bekah to show up in a "white dress similar to a wedding dress." I didn't want to say, "Wear your wedding dress!" or "Hey...do you think you could purchase a dress for this shoot? I really want it to look legit." I shouldn't have worried. Bekah and Liam showed up not only in their original wedding attire, but even brought their original FLOWERS, too. Legit.

I made a cake (what faux wedding isn't complete without a cake? Unfortunately, between Bekah and Liam, one can't eat gluten and the other can't have dairy. Cake fail.), borrowed a friend's beautiful wooden canoe, hit up Hobby Lobby for some autumnal garlands, and raided my house for rustic ADK wedding-inspired decor.

Amber, a friend and fellow photographer from Saddleback Studio, joined in the fun. It's nice to have a no pressure environment in which to practice in. We often shoot weddings together so it was only right to include her!

The Bell Estate is situated right on the beautiful shores of Lake Pleasant in upstate New York. It has this majestic long l