COVID-19 Elopement in Lake George, NY | Upstate New York Elopement Photographer

Maya and Andre contacted me only a week or two before eloping. They were supposed to get married in NYC but with everything shut down, were forced to either postpone their plans or...elope! And elope they did. On their original wedding date in Lake George, NY.

Wedding photographers were only just allowed to begin working again and I think social gatherings were limited to less than five people at the time. This was the first time I wore a mask for a couple. For a wedding. For the season! We talked about precautions beforehand, even discussing comfort levels of being indoors together.

I remember hating my mask. It was a double-layered fashionable linen one that sucked into my mouth every time I tried to breathe. It was hot and uncomfortable and didn’t fit properly (boy you learn fast what’s important).

It was just the three of us. Me, Andre, and Maya. Andre donned a blindfold so he could help Maya into her dress, managing not only to fasten tiny button after tiny button, but also to tie the fragile ribbons around her waist. They had a first look, then portraits, then signed into zoom.

You see, they had a zoom ceremony. Their officiant did everything over zoom. Their guests attended over zoom. Wedding licenses were signed over zoom. Andre held the laptop in front of Maya as she walked up the “aisle” so everyone could watch. They ordered cake and champagne for their guests to enjoy “together” as they toasted and celebrated their marriage. The first dance happened over zoom. Showing off the beautiful views...over zoom. Crying and laughter and tears, over zoom. It was all so new and strange last May and now, nearly a year later, it still feels strange.

But if looking at these shots doesn’t show you the resiliency 2020 couples had, I don’t know what will. I’m so grateful to all the couples who trusted me last year. Who were flexible. Who laid aside months of meticulous planning and just went for it. 2020 was crazy. 2021 is also going to be crazy but these images give me hope, and I hope they do the same for you.