Cozy Cabin Session | The North Pine Cabin, Whittaker Lake | Adirondack Wedding Photographer

Living in the Adirondacks has it's perks. Gorgeous mountains. Clean air. Serene bodies of water. And a relatively sparse population. Unlike many of my cohorts who reside in markets over-saturated with other wedding photographers, I consider myself pretty lucky to live in an area where only a handful of us (wedding) photographers actually live.

The Northeast outdoor & adventure wedding market, although growing in popularity, is still a niche market and those in it are pretty familiar with each other's work. A few months ago I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered Boston-based wedding photographer, Mark Spooner (and his family), had purchased a cabin in the town north of where I live.

It took awhile for us to actually connect but last month, on the 4th of July, we finally met in person! Looking to add to my portfolio, I met Mark and his girlfriend Molly early one morning for a "in-home" session. Though really, when you take a peek at these pictures, you'll see that the in-home part only played a marginal role in this. Mark's cabin is located on a small, private lake overlooking some of the smaller foothills of the Adirondacks. Meaning, the property was too pretty NOT to play around on.

I typically encourage my couples to hike long and hard and for hours on end in order to get those amazing, adventurous, Adirondack photos but can accomplish the same amazing, adventurous, Adirondack photos through renting a rustic cabin or AirBnb and just exploring the property. Although not up and running yet, Mark hopes to one day list their incredible property on AirBnb and other rental sites. Be sure to follow @thenorthpinecabin on Instagram for updates on when this might happen!

For now, I invite you to live vicariously through them and these images.