Emma & Neil's Rainy Engagement Session on Mt. Jo

Last Friday, after memorizing the forecast for every hour for the entire weekend, I knew rain was inevitable.

And with two engagement sessions, one wedding, and rehearsal dinner coverage over the course of four days, I knew at least one of those would get the brunt of it. And one did, in buckets.

Luckily for me, Emma and Neil (and their two amazing friends and dogs!) were down for ANYTHING regardless of the weather. Emma had even just had her hair and make-up done and never even batted an eye as the rain streamed off her face and hair.

Rain? No problem!

BUCKETS of rain? Who cares!

Hiking up a (relatively dry) path but hiking down through a raging stream? Bring.it.on.

If rain is ever forecasted for your session, I hope you take advantage of it to the fullest. If your photographer is okay shooting in the rain, GO FOR IT. It's liberating!

(and also, yes. If you're particularly astute, you may recognize the first few photos as being from the same location as my last blog post. I've mentioned before that the Adirondak Loj is a great gateway to many Adirondack activities, including hiking Mt. Jo!)

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