Emma & Neil's Whiteface Mountain Wedding

I already knew Emma and Neil were an adventurous, up-for-anything couple when they met me for their engagement photos…in the pouring rain. We took portraits down at Heart Lake in the rain. Hiked Mount Jo, in the rain. Then, as we hit the summit, it suddenly stopped and clouds began to give way, leaving the most perfect misty atmosphere. Even now, 6 months later, one of those shots is my most popular on Instagram by far and I constantly use them as the example as to why you SHOULD shoot your session in the rain!

So it was little surprise when they announced their ceremony location as being (close to) the summit of Whiteface Mountain. Due to some logistical issues, they chose the base of the summit trail to hold their ceremony and then immediately following the nupitals, those who wanted to threw on their hiking shoes and trekked to the top!

True to extreme weather form for these two, it was insanely windy at the summit but made for some of the most epic wedding portraits I’ve ever taken!

Because I couldn't possibly narrow this down to just a few of my favorites, this blog post is long but so worth looking through!


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