February Challenge : Glamour Portraits

Oh hey, now that it's the end of March, let's blog my February challenge!

Have you ever seen Sue Bryce's work? She is a glamour-portrait goddess. She has single-handedly paved the way for a new era of contemporary glamour shots far from the perm and hair-sprayed portraits of the 80's. Not only is she an amazing photographer, she's also an educator and offers tons of courses so you can learn her techniques.

I recently started one of her video courses and was immediately inspired to try my own "Sue Bryce shoot." Sue has this amazing ability to bring out feminine softness and vulnerability. Her posing is on point and her editing capabilites are endless.

For this shoot, I wanted to focus specifically on portraits and posing. No amazing landscapes or adventurous hikes. Just Amber, a curtain (yes...she's wearing a curtain), a flower crown from my closet of props, and some make-up.

We started out inside in my "studio" with my "assistants" (see below photo for some awesome behind-the-scenes action in my... studio with my... assistants).

Then, Amber, being the adventurous soul that she is, whole-heartedly agreed to my crazy idea of heading out back into the woods while still wearing a gauzy curtain.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love shooting other photographers? They understand the "DO ANYTHING FOR THE PHOTO!" mentality. I'm sure she'll get me back in the future for this though.

We were only outside for about 15 minutes and yet for the first time, I was able to consistently nail pose after pose. No more fumbling around, shooting a million photos just to get 20 I liked!

I was so encouraged to be able to use this time wisely (so Amber wouldn't freeze solid!) and nail these poses in a such a short time frame (THANKS SUE). It means I'm learning and putting it into practice!

Now that it's the end of March, I'm looking forward to warmer weather so I can set up more of these shoots in my "outside studio" (as an acquaintance of mine put it) and continue to practice these stylized portraits.

Thanks Amber for always being such a willing model!

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