Flower Crowns

I work at a local ski resort, Oak Mountain, and every year we host a Holiday Fair to kick off the Christmas season. I've sold photos and donated garlands in the past but this year I'm totally taking advantage of the flower crown trend and hawking my wares (yes, I researched "hawk vs. hock" before throwing that term out there).

Part of the services I offer include limited floral options (garlands, bouquets, etc) but my favorite are definitely flower crowns. I'm loving this trend and I'll be sad when it burns itself out for another 30-40 years. A flower crown is a prop that adds so much to your photos. It really adds a level of visual interest that a portrait may lack.

All of my flower crowns are made from high-quality faux or dried flowers, ensuring they'll not only last for years to come, but can handle the craziness of a wedding day. No more wilting or making sure they're kept cool before the big day!

Anyone out there watch CWTV's show, Reign? Does she not look like a character straight out of it? By the way, "she" happens to be my youngest sister, Aimee. I visited my family for a week down in Pennsylvania and wrangled my sister into doing some modeling for me while there. Luckily, she's forever been a willing participant of my shoots.

The day before we took these photographs, my sister and her water polo team won the state championships. Can I throw in a water polo photo or two in here real quick? I just have to share to show you the difference one day can make and I may or may not be just a little bit proud of her, too. Another sister out in Oregon, when sent a few of these flower crown photos, remarked that Aimee looked quite different than the previous photos she had been sent (see below). My mom snapped these ones at the games.