Hiking Anniversary Photos at Indian Head in Keene, NY

Hiking vow renewal in the Adirondacks by Mountainaire Gatherings

I can't believe I haven't blogged this sunrise anniversary session that took place at Indian Head in Keene, NY yet!

Emily and her husband, Josh, had recently relocated to Lake Placid, NY when she contacted me about photographing them for their one year anniversary. Adventure-seekers and lovers of all things outdoors, we knew immediately their shoot had to be epic. Plans were made, scrapped, remade and scrapped. As fall steadily marched on towards winter, I knew we had to shoot...and soon...before the gorgeous foliage disappeared for good.

I reached out to Emily and asked what her thoughts were on hiking to Indian Head and Fish Hawk Cliffs for a sunrise shoot. While not a difficult hike, the in-and-out trip is about 10 miles so we'd be heading out on an alpine start to get to the cliffs in time.

Despite the estimated start time of 3:30am, Emily and Josh readily agreed! Game on!

We met in the chilly darkness of pre-dawn and set out in the dark, headlamps lighting our way through the pitch black woods. Two hours later, we reached the *very* windy Fish Hawk Cliffs where they changed out of their hiking clothes while I got my equipment set up.

As dawn began to break, thick fog rolled in, obscuring the mountains and swathing them in swirling clouds. Luckily, the winds would clear the valley for a few minutes before harboring in another round of thick fog.

Emily and Josh were champs.

Through the wicked early start time, to the hike in in the dark, to the biting wind and freezing fog, they maintained amazing attitudes and a healthy sense of adventure.

I absolutely adore hiking in the Adirondacks and working with couples who love exploring the mountains, too! I have an exciting shoot coming up this week back in the high peaks with another adventurous couple and I can't wait.

Love hiking and camping but think there's no way you'd find a photographer willing to do the same for your photos? THINK AGAIN. Shoot me an email and let's plan the best engagement/elopement/wedding/anniversary/just-because photos of your stinking life.


Hiking anniversary photos in Keene, NY by Mountainaire Gatherings

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