January Challenge : Shooting in Snow

Holy smokes!

It's already just about mid-February and I haven't blogged my January challenge yet. I'd like to say I'm just super busy with lots of great content to post but really, I struggle with writing something rather than simply throwing all my photos out there for you all to look at.

It's been a bummer of a winter (well, I guess that depends on WHO you ask). Living in a small resort town, most year-round local businesses rely heavily on lots of snowfall to bring visitors to the area for skiing, snowmobiling, and ice-fishing.

Since this first shoot in January, we've had additional snow fall and, if you saw my last blog post, I've done other shoots in the snow. But, this one here was the first! Juuuuuust not blogged first. My bad.

We shot this early morning shoot (or, as early as you can get some decent light in the dead of winter) at the local water fall right down the road from us. When we have extremely cold winters, the falls freeze and all the rocks and trees around it are coated in thick layers of blue/green ice. It really is quite lovely.

I love the colors Amber chose to wear for this challenge shoot. Neutrals can look absolutely beautiful in the snow but have to be done right. Otherwise, we may lose you completely into the background!

This shoot is also a good example of how your outfit choices really influence the finished look of your photos. Take a look at Amber's point-of-view for this challenge to see what I wore and how different the shoot turned out for her.

And spoiler alert! In two weeks, I'll be sharing this month's challenge featuring Amber. In the last month, I've really been focusing on the art of posing women (still need lots of practice for guys -- any willing models out there?) and already I can see a HUGE difference between these photos and my most current ones.

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