Kimmie & Michael : A Snowy Lake Placid Engagement Session

When Kimmie first contacted me back in November saying she and her fiance wanted snowy engagement photos in the mountains and oh, by the way, she was wearing a long dress, my first thought was HECK. YES.

Then I saw the date range that she was hoping the photos could be taken in: December 26 - January 1. I mean, I knew they were from Delaware but didn't they know it's freaking cold in the mountains during that time!? AND SHE WANTS TO WEAR A DRESS?

Then I started to worry. I mean, some people are committed and others... well, they're committed until the day arrives and it's in the single digits and they said they were wearing a dress. Then commitment is out the window because comfort trumps that dang long dress you hauled up from Delaware.

However, Kimmie and Michael were the former. They committed -- wholeheartedly! The day dawned overcast and frigid. Like, single digits and way below negative windchill temps. I showed up in Lake Placid wearing 2.081 layers, Michael showed up dressed appropriately in a long sleeved shirt, boots, flannel, sweater, and hat.

Kimmie showed up in that long dress.

What. a. babe.

These two laughed through the cold, never once complaining (even though they had EVERY right to. The weather was seriously brutal). They twirled, danced, hugged, kissed, and snuggled. Basically, anything to keep the frostbite at bay.

By the end, it felt like I was photographing old friends. Which is how I believe every session should end. And, I have renewed faith in those who contact me wanting their engagement photos done in the dead of winter. You guys know what you want and far be it from me to doubt your vision, especially when this is the result!


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