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This past Sunday, Dani and Zak, surrounded by a multitude of family and friends from all around the globe, honored age-old Jewish traditions (as well as some modern ones!) at their wedding ceremony at the Whiteface Club and Resort in Lake Placid, NY.

From a joyful Havdalah ceremony to the craziest and longest Hora I've ever experienced, the exuberance of their wedding guests never once died down. At one point during their post-ceremony boat ride, I asked them if their friends and family were good dancers in anticipation of the evening to come. I was told "What they lacked in skill, they would make up for in enthusiasm" and in truth, I think that could have been the motto of the evening.

Before their day, while reviewing the timeline with Dani, I had asked her in confirmation if there really were multiple times throughout the reception for an open dance floor as I had never seen so many scheduled.

She confirmed.

And after the wedding, I know now why there was so much time made for this.


Towards the end of the evening, Zak surprised Dani by joining the band at the head of the dance floor and serenading her with a song reminiscent of their scene days. Though, I don't know if you can call singing Green Day serenading. Whatever Zak did, he killed it. Dani went into full head banger mode. The crowd went wild. She crowd surfed. The floor literally thumped with everyone jumping up and down. It was insanely amazing.

This past weekend was one for the books and I hope you enjoy reliving their day with them!


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