Missy & Maura | LGBT Adventurous Sunrise Engagement | Noonmark Mountain, Lake Placid


Lesbian Engagement Photographer

I'd like to say I met Missy and Maura bright and early on the morning of their hiking engagement session in the Adirondacks but in actuality, it's pretty dark at 1:45am. In what was probably the first time in history, this couple beat me to the trailhead...AT 1:45 IN THE MORNING. Hashtag champs. Hashtag girls after my own heart.

Not only did we set out to hike Noonmark super early (if you miss sunrise, all is lost) but it was 78 degrees out with 100% humidity...at 1:45 IN THE MORNING. We toiled. We sweat (a lot). We drank gallons of water. We tripped and slipped and stumbled but made it to the summit with about 30 minutes to spare. Luckily for us, those extra 30 minutes came in super handy when it came to wringing out our sweat-soaked hair and cooling off our beet red faces.

The rest of the morning was insane. Like, insanely beautiful. Turns out the humidity wasn't so bad once you reached the summit and bonus! It added an awesome hazy effect to the horizon.

At the end of their session (after Maura literally ran down the mountain with Missy and I gingerly rock-hopping behind), we celebrated in true Adirondack hiking fashion by devouring huge breakfasts at the one and only Noonmark Diner.

Even though their wedding is a year away, I'm already ticking off the days!



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