Mollie & Brian's Vermont Wedding at the Mountaintop Inn

July 6th dawned unusually hot and muggy for the mountains of Chittenden, Vermont. Storm warnings that had been flitting across our phones all week suddenly disappeared and it seemed as if the sun itself was basking in the forthcoming celebration of Mollie and Brian.

Mollie and Brian's story began across the globe and took off from there! New chapters were written with each new adventure taking place in a far away land. Seriously. Look up wanderlust in the dictionary and you'll find these two.

Want to know where Brian proposed?

New Zealand.

Want to know how he proposed?

He set up a fire drill with the school Mollie was teaching at and while the kids and teachers waited outside, Brian swooped in (literally) on a helicopter, proposed, and whisked Mollie away (still on the helicopter). No, I'm not kidding.

While the bridal party spent the morning preparing Mollie, Brian was busy sending gifts to his bride-to-be every hour on the hour. Sometimes the gifts were solely for the bride herself. Another time, the gift took the form of a cheese platter with fresh fruits and an assortment of cheeses, with a note reminding the ladies to keep calm, hydrated, and to eat!

Mollie and Brian chose to do a first look prior to their ceremony but before even that, read letters they had written to one another. Brian stood amongst the tall pines and singing crickets and read a letter (book) Mollie had started writing to him at the very beginning of their relationship and had continued to write in up until this point.

Mollie waited a few hundred feet away, in the relative cool of a car, and sniffled and giggled at the note Brian had prepared for her.

After the first look, we all made our way to the ceremony location where guests and family alike celebrated the vows Mollie and Brian had written to one another. The ceremony was filled with love, laughter, and even a bit of cheering.

The reception was both low-key and lively, complete with lawn games and a bit of Irish dancing (oh, I may have forgotten to mention: not only did Brian and Mollie meet overseas, but Brian is from Ireland!). Guests hailed from all over the world, and all decor was inspired by traveling.

At one point in the evening, Brian and Mollie even nipped away down to the Inn's private beach for a bit of canoeing before heading back to the party. I may even throw that stipulation in for future couples: "Must be willing to canoe in wedding attire."