Molly & Cody's Engagement Session at Silver Falls State Park in Oregon

Fun fact: a year ago, as I was flying out to Oregon to visit my sister and brother-in-law, I sat next to a mom who was also flying out there from Pennsylvania to visit her recently engaged daughter.

Now me, being the type of traveler that falls squarely in the I-just-want-to-be-comfy camp, was wearing sweats, most likely birkenstocks, sporting greasy hair, and probably not a lick of make-up. Obviously, exactly how you want to look when meeting potential clients, right?

Thankfully, momma-bear seemed to take no notice of my attire but rather, zeroed in on the engagement session I was working on during the flight. We got to talking (thank goodness I had at least brushed my teeth), and she found out I was a wedding photographer and I found out about her recently engaged daughter. We continued to make small talk the rest of the flight and at the end, handed her my card, not expecting anything to come of it but don't you always feel so adult handing over your card?

Literally a day later, said engaged daughter sent me an excited email to the wedding photographer her mom had sat next to on the plane.

Two weeks after that, I Skyped with this daughter (her name, I found out, was Molly) and her fiancé, Cody. Now normally these chats last anywhere from 15-30 minutes. 90 minutes later, the three of us were going strong and I knew I had found my wedding client soulmates.

Luckily they must have felt the same and voila! We made a pact to become bffs and for me to come shoot their wedding next summer in central Pennsylvania.

A year later I flew out to Oregon again during one of their worst forest fire seasons on record to shoot Molly and Cody's engagement photos. Everywhere we wanted to go was either blocked off from the public or lit ablaze. It was awful. We finally decided to Silver Falls as one of the last remaining places that was feasible for us all to go to and thankfully, Oregon's beauty still shone through, despite the oppressing smoke from the fires!

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