Natalie : Portrait Session

First off I want to congratulate this lovely lady for her recent wedding! It was so much fun to do a darker shoot before her big day. We joked that this was a "Me-before-marriage" session and it would be entertaining to compare it to her wedding photos as a "Me-after-marriage."

Natalie was such a trooper. We started this shoot at the crack of dawn in late May. For those unfamiliar wth the mountains, "crack of dawn" + "late May" = chilly morning temps and here was Natalie, in a tulle skirt and bathing suit. But not once did she complain! Not only did she not complain, she completely owned this shoot. Even when the smoke bombs caused tears to roll down her cheeks, she maintained composure and never broke a pose.

We brought a lot of different elements and props into this shoot, just because. Smoke bombs, fake birds, feather crowns, and climber's chalk. Yes, the stuff climbers put on their hands before tackling some rock. Can you spot it being used?

I hope you enjoy this session as much as I enjoyed shooting it!

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