Paige + Ethan

A few weeks back, Amber from Saddleback Studio asked if I wanted to join her on a semi-stylized engagement shoot on a popular, local mountain.

We were hoping for a beautiful, sunny (and somewhat warm) day to work with but really, our expectations may have been a bit high for a February shoot.

Despite the chilly temps, Paige and Ethan were gung-ho for whatever Amber had planned (I was just a shadow with a camera, tagging along for fun).

While Amber and I were appropriately bundled up against the elements, Paige braved the shoot wearing a skirt and tights (and plastic bags wrapped around her feet...her boots were damp from a previous mishap in the not-so-frozen lake!).

Along the way up to the summit, we passed a pair of hikers who were wearing snowshoes. While they didn't laugh out loud at us per se, I'm sure they were inwardly, or outwardly once they hiked out of earshot.

So, Paige and Ethan have this amazing chemistry. Like seriously amazing. The love and adoration they have for each other was so obvious and made posing/photographing them an absolute breeze.

Although the hike to the summit is a short one, we kept stopping every 3 or 4 minutes to photograph in another great spot, nook, or frozen icescape.