Planning Your Wedding Day Timeline


The last thing anyone wants on their wedding day is to be running behind. Rushing through a timeline due to poor planning only adds unnecessary amounts of stress on you, family members, and vendors.

Obviously you can’t plan for everything and situations WILL arise that will throw your timeline off a bit but with careful planning and foresight, these situations will hardly cause a ripple in your plans.

In this blog post I’m going to run through some general timelines for the different packages I offer. These aren’t timelines you HAVE to use (though you certainly can if you want to!) but rather, timelines to draw inspiration from when planning your own day.

Before we delve into this, let me quickly touch on the topic of first looks.

Although I respect all wedding traditions and will never push you to have one, I will always recommend a first look for the following reasons:

1) It opens up your timeline

When you opt out of a first look, all your photos (ALL of them — portraits, wedding party, family and groups shots, etc) will happen after your ceremony and mostly during cocktail hour. Expect all of these to take a minimum of one hour with me grabbing you later on during the reception for an additional 30 minutes of portraits. This is a lot of smiling for an hour. Start prepping those cheeks now. Also, you (and a good number of your guests) will miss cocktail hour — boohiss.

2) It calms those jitters

Seriously. You don’t realize what a bundle of nerves you’ll be until your wedding day. Having the opportunity to see one another in a private, intimate setting prior to the ceremony will take a buttload of weight off your shoulders.

3) You’ll get better photos

Trust me on this one. While the groom-reaction-shot as you’re walking down the aisle is pretty stellar, I won’t be able to capture those tears quite as well when trying to dodge your future mother-in-law’s toes or trying my best not to back into the maid of honor. Doing a first look gives you a chance to really take it all in. You can hug him. He can tell you how incredible you look. You can laugh. And cry. Together. Also, think about it. When are you more likely to let those genuine emotions take over? When it’s just the two of you in an intimate setting or when you have 200 pairs of eye balls watching your every move?

4) Privacy!

I know your family and friends are a huge part of your day but I highly recommend keeping your first look as private as possible! This should be a time set aside just for you and your fiancé (and me). This is the moment where you see you future spouse for the first time and it should be a moment you treasure together forever.

Because I’m such a huge advocate for first looks, all my mock timelines below will include an example WITH a first look and an example WITHOUT a first look.

Feel free to scroll down to the hourly coverage you want to use for your own day!


This half-day package is great for week-day elopements and small winter weddings. Because of it’s shortened timeline, it can only be used Monday through Thursday during the months of May - December. During the winter months of January - April, when the days are short and the weather frigid, this package can be used any day of the week for your elopement or small wedding.

With this package, I recommend having me start 90 minutes before you put your dress/suit on. This gives me enough time to photograph both of you (if you’re getting ready separately) and any specific wedding details before a first look.