Portrait Session : Abby

As I sit here typing, latte steaming on the stool next to me, the morning light is hitting the tall pine trees across the road so perfectly, I wish I had someone else in the house with me (besides my sleeping husband and dogs) that I could grab and photograph in those glorious morning rays.

But alas, I don't, so I'll just have to make do with sitting here on the couch, admiring them and wishing for the day when the stars align and my carefully-planned shoot will actually correspond with a correct weather forecast.

When planning this portrait session, I fastidiously watched the forecast. Extended, daily, hourly...even watching videos of the radar (how thrilling).

Looking at the weekly forecast, it was determined that only one day of the following seven would not only be sunny, but would fit into both our schedules, as well.

The morning of the shoot was gloomy. Like, not even cool-cloud-stormy, just flat-cloud-grey. I had high hopes though that by the late afternoon, the sun would break through, just as predicted.

The morning came and went, early afternoon slipped by, and still no sign of the sun (though the weather app on my phone still insisted it would make an appearance).

Soon, Abby showed up (but the sun didn't).

To my delight though, Abby's choice of clothes for her shoot worked out PERFECTLY with the gloomy day. I mean, it couldn't have been planned better. Seriously.

I know this is real life. Shoots are planned and, unless you're a studio photographer, you have to shoot with the light you're given. Make it work.

To be honest, despite the sun being a big fat no-show, I'm thrilled with how these turned out.

Thanks Abby for doing this and being willing to walk around the winter woods with me!

By the way, these last two are kinda cool. The first one is the single-frame version. The second one is comprised of 20 images stitched together to form one big picture. I can't wait to do more of these in the future!

Annnnnnd, the composite: