Rebecca & Nathan's Adirondack Engagement Session

Rebecca contacted me several months ago about shooting her wedding this upcoming December in Lake Placid. Several Skype chats and multiple emails later, she ultimately chose me as her photographer!

To say I'm excited about a December wedding in Lake Placid is a massive understatement. Lake Placid is one of the most picturesque little towns up here in upstate New York and it's charm increases by about 1,000% during the holiday season.

With all my wedding packages, I include a free engagement session. These sessions don't add any monetary value to the package as a whole but instead, gives us all the chance to get to know one another. These sessions are invaluable in creating a comfortable relationship prior to the wedding so when the big day comes, you feel like you're photographing a friend rather than an anonymous client! That comfort level is key to capturing genuine moments and emotions. Buh-bye stiff, awkward poses and plastered on smiles!

We planned a two-part shoot for Rebecca and Nathan. First, we'd start off with some woodsy shots in formal wear. I LOVE FORMAL WEAR IN THE WOODS. Seriously, the juxtaposition between you wearing some crazy formal outfits and being in nature is something straight out of a fairytale. I love how those pictures turn out. The second half was more in line with their personal style and we kept it casual and low key as we all watched the sun set over Lake Pleasant.

Would you believe this session almost didn't happen? A week before Rebecca and Nathan were supposed to come up, Rebecca had a horrendous allergic reaction after going to the dentist for some pretty routine stuff. She emailed me several days before explaining she had "Kim Kardashian lips," which, really, isn't the worst thing you could have but if you're not feeling yourself, that insecurity will show in your photos. Luckily, with the help of some Benadryl and a few additional days, Rebecca was back to normal and arrived for the shoot full of confidence and smiles!

Rebecca and Nathan, I am so honored you chose me to photograph your wedding! I can't wait to celebrate that special day with you in December!

Adirondack Engagement Session by Mountainaire Gatherings