Senior Portraits : Aimee

Confession: I've never taken a senior portrait.

Also, I think senior portraits are very area specific. When I was a senior, your senior portrait consisted of you wrapped in a black swatch of fabric at a professional studio, a string of pearls around your neck, and a rose that you laid awkwardly across your chest.

It wasn't until college that I was introduced to the other category of senior portraits - those fun, creative pictures that captured your personality and were more photo shoots than stuffy portraits.

Even though my sister is a senior in the exact area I was (classic black-swath portrait zone), I used the "senior portraits" excuse to set up a hair and make-up appointment for her and bought a fun outfit for her to wear.

I've been posting photos from this shoot almost every day since taking it so it's only appropriate I blog it ASAP before I share every photo. So, I hope you enjoy my first senior portrait session. I know I did!

And then, just for funsies, a little behind-the-scenes action and a before & after! Thanks for making it this far in the post!