Stay Weird and Try New Things

Anyone who knows a thing or two about comfort zones knows in order to grow, you must step outside of them.

To grow, you must challenge yourself. Place yourself in less-than-optimal situations and make them work.

These photos (which personally, I'm pretty psyched over), were taken in a basement. Why? Because who takes photos in a basement, that's why.

I wanted to play with light, movement, and texture in these photos. To freeze movement in low-light. To focus on, and use to my advantage, the single beam of light I had.

I don't have a studio nor do I have the opportunity to play much with directional lighting so this was a fun challenge and an option to step outside an area I normally feel comfortable with.

The result? These! I'm really happy with how they came out. I love the highlights and shadows, the depth and the movement. Are they a little unusual? Sure. A bit outside my normal? Yep. Are they refreshing though? YES.