Tara + John | Wedding

Back in the beginning of October, Amber from Saddleback Studio, and I had the pleasure of photographing Tara + John's wedding at The Olde Tater Barn. The Olde Tater Barn, located in Central Bridge, NY, was the perfect location for a rustic and charming wedding. With a beautifully renovated barn, professional kitchen, and immaculate country gardens, Amber and I knew we were in for a treat.

Before meeting Tara and the wedding party at the hotel, Amber and I stopped by the venue to do a quick walk through and to meet the owner. The inside of the barn was decorated with Pinterest-worthy rustic glam'ness. Tara, who helps businesses to "go green," picked her centerpieces and dried them herself throughout the summer. Pinterest-worthy, indeed.

When we arrived at the hotel, we found Tara calmly sitting on her bed, sipping a cocktail, while her wedding party rushed around her in a frenzy to get ready. We got down to photographing the details and chatting with the girls. Not only did Tara make all her own centerpieces, but she picked and dried all the bouquets and boutonnieres herself, too!

Have you ever photographed the "getting ready" process in a hotel that offers NO great spots for your dress shot? Rooms are cramped with outdated style. Hallways are dark and let's not even start with the hotel-hallway-carpet syndrome. Ugh. Amber and I wandered around the hotel, dress in hand, desperately searching for a spot in which to hang the dress. Finally, we found it. In the main lobby, there were a set of doors leading to the office area. Luckily, the employees didn't mind being locked in for a few minutes while we snapped some photos.

The day before the wedding, I jumped over to The Olde Tater Barn's Facebook page to do some recon and noticed a few shots on a covered bridge. Covered bridge = photography perfection. While doing our walk-through, I asked the owner about it and she told us the bridge was located almost exactly between the hotel where Tara was getting ready and the venue. SO GUESS WHERE WE WENT NEXT.

Tara and John, man they were so cool. Talk about putting your full trust in your photographer. They did whatever Amber and I asked and were TOTALLY COOL ABOUT IT. It was awesome. It was like conducting your own styled shoot with whatever creative license you wanted to use...but better! It was a real life wedding!

After a few minutes of girl time, the guys arrived and Tara quickly scooted off the back of the bridge to prepare for the first look. Amber and I were so psyched that Tara and John were open to a first look shoot. We understand couples who wish to remain traditional in regards to seeing the bride but first look shoots hold a special place in our hearts. The intimacy and anticipation just cannot be beat!