Taylor + Michael

Ah, Taylor and Michael. These two drove up from New Jersey one morning, arriving at my home around 8am bright-eyed and bushy tailed and ready for photos (ok, that may be a half-truth). They did drive directly from NJ to my home for morning photos though so MAJOR KUDOS.

Before I say anything more about this session, can I point out Taylor's eyes? And how they match exactly to Michael's sweater? Can you possibly color-coordinate any more?

I really have to hand it to all my couples and models from over the winter. Everyone rocked their cold-weather shoots. I know they can be less-than-ideal (trust me, I'm not immune to those temps either!) but no one ever complained. Not one.

Since we did this little mini-session before I went in to work (how's that for a productive morning?), we simply wandered around my backyard for these shots.

I realize I have a leg up on cool nature-y photographs because well, I live in the Adirondacks. It's so sparsely populated up here we're technically labeled as a frontier and you know what that means? We have lots of wide open, wildly beautiful land to take full advantage of.

Taylor + Michael were so comfortable and relaxed with one another and in front of the camera. It made for a lot of natural expressions with genuine emotion (and my job a heck of a lot easier!).

One of the few advantages to winter morning shoots is just how LATE the sun rises, especially when you live in little dips and valleys amongst the mountains.

This particular morning, although it started off grey and snowy, quickly warmed up as the sun got stronger and began to diffuse the low clouds. Although I didn't get any cool, artsy sun flares, the warm morning light couldn't be beat!

Remember how I said in my last blog post that I liked blooper shots? Well, here's another slippery, sliding shot. This little hill was practically glare ice and try as they might, Taylor and Michael just could not make it to the top (they put forth a valiant effort though)!

Thanks, you two! I absolutely cannot WAIT to shoot your wedding in August! It'll be such a blast comparing winter snowy photos to your beautiful summer shots!