The Best Tips for Planning Your Engagement Session


The best tips for planning your engagement shoot by Mountainaire Gatherings

Listen. There are two main camps for engagement photos. Either you love them or your hate them. There is no in-between.

I’m here today to tell you why you should not only love them, but should be obsessed with them.

First off: what do you think of when you hear “engagement photos?” I’ll bet you a million dollars you immediately thought of some super cheesy, stiff pose where the girl has her hand all plastic-Barbie-style on the guy’s chest and they’re both smiling, heads cocked, at the camera. Right? RIGHT?

Okay but guess what. Your photos don’t have to be like that.

When you book an engagement session with me, the first thing I’ll tell you to do is to think of an activity you and your partner enjoy doing together and then invite me along to awkwardly third-wheel with my camera.

Love camping? So do I! I’ll even bring my own tent so the third-wheeling doesn’t get *too* awkward.

Want to hike an epic trail and watch the sun set (or rise) from the summit of a mountain? You’re speaking my language, baby.

Is it mid-August and muggy and all you want to do is swim in a cool alpine lake or jump in some waterfalls? You can bet I’m just as hot and sweaty and would love nothing more than to do the same.

Are you guys homebodies who just want to cuddle and chill (not Netflix and chill. You guys can do that later.) at home or in a cute AirBnb? I’ll bring the coffee and whiskey and play some sweet tunes and we’ll get our relaxing on.

These can all be used as your engagement shoot! Think of them more as lifestyle sessions than plastering the word “engagement” all over it. Engagement shoots are a celebration of you guys as a couple. So there’s a brand new ring on the finger, that’s cool, but there’s no ring without some epic background story and history. Let’s expound on that history. Let’s celebrate it. Let’s highlight that lifestyle you two enjoy together as a couple!

So you’ve decided what you want to do for your photos, now what?


LIGHT | Yo. The best time of day to photograph is during what we call golden hour. This is either the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset. Blue hour is also pretty epic too. That’s those few minutes before sunrise or alternatively, the few minutes after sunset. Expect your session to last through both blue & golden hour as the light will be absolutely clutch* then.

*Clutch light = soft and glowy. It’ll make your skin look flawless and minimize harsh shadows.

Top tips for planning your Adirondack engagement session by Mountainaire Gatherings

WEATHER | Listen. I’ll shoot in any type of weather. Rain, sleet, snow, wind, sun. If you’re game, I’m game. The only conditions where there will be a chance of rescheduling is if the weather turns dangerous (thunderstorms) or is bitterly cold (negatives to low teens). Otherwise, I have the correct gear to safely photograph you in any other conditions!

If the weatherman is calling for rain, don’t immediately jump to reschedule! Rainy photos bring a totally different element to your session and can result in some epic, intimate shots. Plus, you get bragging rights because you did your engagement shoot in the frickin’ rain and were totally all #wethairdontcare about it.