Top 25 Instagram Posts of 2019

Whether it's an adventurous couple hiking in the Adirondack mountains for their engagement session or a joyful wedding celebration, I'm sharing a photo on Instagram nearly daily.

I thought it would be fun to break this long blogging hiatus by sharing the top 25 posts that performed the best this year! Want to see more of what I share? Head on over to my Instagram account and give me a follow to make sure you never miss a post!

1) Katherine & Gabrielle -- LGBT Wedding at the Fontainebleau Inn

Caption: "My cousin married her best friend yesterday and it was just the best day ever."

2) Katherine & Gabrielle -- LGBT Wedding at the Fontainebleau Inn

Caption: “Katherine and I spent an entire year thinking, planning, worrying about, and excitedly anticipating our wedding day. We put so much time, energy and thought into every single detail... and Whitney captured Every. Single. Detail. Every smile, every touch, every kiss, every tear, every laugh, every dance and every tender moment you can imagine. Whitney helps you to feel at ease, knows all the right things to say to get you into photogenic positions and creates intimate moments where you forget she is even on the other side of a camera lens. Whitney, your photos will always be a reminder to us that courage and inclusiveness will breed the strongest kind of joy and love-and what a joy to have it all captured in your breathtaking photographic talents.The feelings that overtake you on your wedding day are once in a lifetime and Whitney captured those feelings expertly in her photos. Our gratitude in being able to relive each feeling again and again through pictures cannot be expressed in words. I couldn't recommend Whitney and Mountainaire Gatherings enough!”

3) Lesley & Scott -- Summer Wedding at the Lake Placid Club

Caption: "I can think of one good reason why it’s okay if the weather forecast calls for rain on your wedding day."

4) Carly & Jan -- Winter Wedding at the Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid

Caption: "Last year’s Christmas wedding is making the rounds today! From being shared on @brides Facebook page to being @weddingchicks Christmas feature, it’s been a blast reliving this picture perfect wedding!"

To see the full blogpost on Wedding Chicks, click here!

5) Jill & Josh -- Intimate Fall Wedding on the Summit of Whiteface Mountain, NY

Caption: "After an intimate ceremony high atop Whiteface mountain yesterday, I ran around with these newlyweds for over two hours. If this was just the start of my four day shooting spree, I am here👏🏻for👏🏻it👏🏻."

6) Holly & Adam -- Summer Wedding at Hayfield Barn in the Catskills

Caption: "🎉 Big things are happening behind the scenes over here and I can’t wait to share! 🎉 For now though, you’ll just have to be content with this image of the ultimate wedding party."

7) Lillian & Kyle -- Folksy Spring Wedding at River Ranch in Lake Placid

Caption: "Today I watched my sweet, sweet cat pounce on a beautiful monarch butterfly, carry it around in his mouth for five minutes, and then sit in front of me, chewing on its body extra slowly and extra loudly. We’re no longer on speaking terms at the moment."

8) Lillian & Kyle -- Folksy Spring Wedding at River Ranch in Lake Placid

Caption: "Wedding trends come and go and sometimes, specific trends get stuck in one geological area (maybe a modern chic city wedding, or a rustic mountain wedding, or a nautical beach wedding. You get the picture.). - A few months ago a group of local upstate NY vendors and I decided to show the wedding world (and future Lake Placid couples) that it’s okay to think outside the box when it comes to planning a wedding in the mountains! Your wedding doesn’t HAVE to be rustic. It doesn’t HAVE to have birch bark and ferns. You don’t HAVE to use plaid. - Of course, you can if you want to! This is your wedding, after all! But don’t feel like you need to contain all your fun and creative ideas into this geological box when it comes to the styling of your wedding day. Be true to yourself and your style, regardless of what the local trends tell you. - Tap for our amazing team of vendors that worked so hard to put this together!"

9) Sarah & Terry -- Sunrise Engagement Session in Old Forge, NY

Caption: "Sunrise sessions will always, always, ALWAYS be my favorite, even if I have to wake up at 2:30am for them. - Did you know I offer day-after sunrise sessions, too? You and your person, back in your wedding clothes with maybe a comfy layer thrown on top, taking in the peace of the morning and still reveling in that just married feeling. They’re pretty swell."

10) Miranda & Aaron -- Misty Engagement Session in Keene Valley, NY

Caption: "Going on day three of no internet! - If you’ve sent me an email, text, or message of any kind and haven’t heard back from me, that’s why! - They’re estimating they’ll get us back up and running by the 31st but there’s no guarantees up here in the mountains! - In the meantime, thanks for your patience!"

11) Emma & Neil -- Intimate Wedding on the Summit of Whiteface Mountain

Caption: "I shot Emma & Neil’s wedding back in 2017 and while I’m sure I’ve shared this image several times over the last two years, I’m sharing it again because I just love it that much. Theirs was also my first Whiteface wedding. I’ve now been up there dozens of times for various elopements, weddings, and engagement sessions but this particular wedding started it all so it holds a special place in my heart."

12) Lillian & Kyle -- Folksy Spring Wedding at River Ranch in Lake Placid

Caption: "So much to still show from this amazing shoot. Maybe one day when summer isn’t kicking my behind, I’ll get around to blogging it. For now though, I’m off to Keene to shoot one amazing couple with some freaking amazing flowers from my favorite friendor (vendor-friend), @blacksheepgardensfloral."

13) Jill & Josh -- Intimate Fall Wedding on the Summit of Whiteface Mountain, NY

Caption: "I didn’t meet up with Jill until the ceremony on her wedding day which meant no indoor window-lit portraits that I love but that also meant EPIC OUTDOOR PORTRAITS. I think we broke even here."

14) Greg & Toni -- Fall Wedding at the Barn at Lord Howe Valley, Hudson Valley, NY

Caption: "Yesterday concluded my fall wedding season as I couldn’t have imagined a better couple to wrap things up with!"

15) Rachel & Brendan -- Fall Wedding at Garnet Hill Lodge, North River, NY

Caption: "I find myself posting the same types of shots over and over on Instagram. Mainly portraits of my couples because let’s be honest, they’re some of my favorite shots.

But, your wedding day is comprised of SO MUCH MORE.

And I realize I’m the worst at showing the more so I came up with a little schedule for myself. While I won’t tell you what the rest of the week’s schedule looks like, I will say that Wednesday’s are officially real life moment days.

So here’s @rachelgullotta’s ringbearer, aka her grandfather, cheering his granddaughter on after presenting the rings. He was so proud, so happy, so exuberant, all day. I can’t help but smile every time I see this moment.

This is the real life stuff guys and I’m excited to be sharing these moments with you."

16) Julia & Chad -- Spring Wedding at Jimbo's Club at the Point, Brant Lake NY

Caption: "Irrefutable proof that rain on your wedding day is good luck."

17) Holly & Adam -- Adventurous Engagement Session at Kaaterskill Falls, NY

Caption: "Flew to Oregon yesterday to take some engagement photos. Just kidding, this was New York. You probably believed me though."

18) Matt & Julianne -- Sunrise Proposal at Indian Head, Keene Valley NY

Caption: "This guy here wins (new) fiancé of the year award.

Not only did he ask me to photograph his surprise proposal to that cute (new) fiancé of his, but he read my What to Wear Guide, selected both his AND Julianne’s outfits, and then happily ran around taking (brand new) engagement photos after we had all been up since before 2am.

If I’m deliriously happy with how this morning went, I can’t imagine how these two feel!"

19) Chelsea & Gavin -- Fall Wedding at Haystack Hearth in Niwot, Colorado

Caption: "I never quite believed the whole “soulmate” thing until I witnessed Chelsea and Gavin’s wedding day yesterday.

I might have cried a little behind my camera. I might have cried a little on the airplane scrolling through their images. I might be crying a little now (jk, but the other two are true). These two. Their families. This day. All of it was just so, so incredible."

20) Lori & Justin -- Maternity/Anniversary Session on the Summit of Whiteface Mountain

Caption: "Guys, I love this shot now but me two years ago would have tossed it.

First off, do a little swipey swipe to check out how freaking DARK out it was when I took this. Due to insane traffic to get up Whiteface, we started a full hour later than anticipated and thus, literally watched the sun set while still at the summit, this ruining any chance we had of getting to our second location. So, we ran to this field instead where I knew I’d still have enough light to get SOMETHING.

But zoom in for me. 😬 It’s soft. Like super soft. It’s grainy. I pushed my camera way past what it should have been set at. Colors are a tad whacky and man did I have to manipulate the heck out of my tone curve and exposure slider in Lightroom.

But, I really love this shot. This was unplanned as we walked back to our cars in the dark. The hands tell a story I can’t through posing alone. The elegance of the dress dragging through weeds is better than any flow I can achieve, no matter how much I toss a train. The soft highlights on their skin is all natural with zero help from me post processing.

It’s gritty. It’s grainy. And it’s real.

The longer I’m in this photography business, the less concerned I am with perfection. Is it still something I struggle with on the daily? Absolutely! Am I worried my clients will look at an image I don’t deem perfect and judge me and my entire skill set based on this one image? Um YES.

But more often now, I’m finding myself drawn to these moments of imperfection. These moments that aren’t planned (like running so late we’re shooting in the dark after they drove 13 hours to get to me!). These images that aren’t sharp as a tack and perfectly composed. Will every image I deliver start to look like this? Ha I hope not but I also hope you, future client, look back at the technically imperfect images I deliver and remember what that moment was like. The real real. Not the real-but-let-me-use-flash-to-at-least-properly-expose-this-real, but what life was really like, right at the moment I clicked the shutter. And hopefully one day, these real images will help tell a more impactful story to your kids than any perfect studio shot ever will."

21) Lori & Justin -- Maternity/Anniversary Session on the Summit of Whiteface Mountain

Caption: "It sure is a good thing Instagram likes hot couples on mountains because I definitely have a lot of those types of photos to share after the last three days."

22) Casey & Jack -- Spring Wedding in Saratoga Springs, NY

Caption: "The benefit of getting married on a Friday is having the whole weekend to celebrate! (or maybe recover...) - Congratulations Casey & Jack! May you continue to celebrate all through this long weekend!"

23) Katherine & Gabrielle -- LGBT Wedding at the Fontainebleau Inn

Caption: "Katherine and Gabrielle’s wedding themes were love, courage, and togetherness and they strove to create an inclusive, intimate environment for those who have surrounded and supported them over the years.

Although I’m sure not everyone could grasp what these two have been through over the six years of their relationship, they could come together and celebrate the day some thought would never come.

What an honor it is to be invited into a couple’s most intimate day. What an honor."

24) Missy & Maura -- Summer Wedding at the summit of Whiteface Mountain

Caption: "I know it’s early on a Sunday morning but we’re all cool if I share this now, right? Because I literally cannot wait any longer. 🌈"

25) Abby & Sara -- Adventurous LGBT Couples Session at the Oregon Coast

Caption: "I get it. Wedding photography is dang expensive. Anyone from the outside looking in has probably experienced some sort of sticker shock when shopping for your wedding photographer. I’ve received countless emails asking why I charge what I do for an 8 hour day. - So why do I charge what I charge for “an 8 hour day?” - If you’re booking a photographer & paying for them to *just* show up on your wedding day and work for 8 hours, you’ve hired a pretty terrible photographer. - Our work with you begins with our first response to your inquiry. We carefully read your email, figuring out if we could work well together before crafting a personalized response back. - If you work with someone like me, the next step is to FaceTime! This doesn’t happen instantly (teleportation would be a nice trick though) and I’d like to think most digital conversations last longer than 30 seconds. - Multiple emails follow this. Customizing packages. Sending proposals. Writing contracts. Settling invoices. Then, more emails! Sending over wedding planning advice. Planning engagement sessions. Figuring out outfits for said session. Recommending vendors. Tediously scheduling timelines. & a second timeline draft. & a third. & a fourth. - Engagement sessions come and go. Add on the hours traveled back and forth for that. Plus however long your actual session was. PLUS all the editing. - As we get closer to your wedding date, emails become lengthier and more frequent. Phone calls get added in to check and double check details. On your actual wedding day, we’ll probably show up an hour early to scope out the place so you get good shots. - THEN comes those “8 hours you paid for” though a lot of times, we stay just a bit longer. - Then we drive home, spend a few hours uploading and backing up your files in multiple locations. The next day we spend a few hours culling your gallery. Then we spend hours & hours editing your images before final delivery. - So, that’s why I charge what I do for an “8 hour day.” Because really, it’s never ever EVER just 8 hours. It’s months and months of planning to make sure you have the best 8 hours of your life. Word. ✌🏻"

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