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Last Friday, I photographed two of the most down-to-earth, laid back, joy-filled people imaginable at the Mountain Top Inn in Chittenden, Vermont. Their June 1st spring wedding day started off misty and cool with heavy, thick clouds blanketing the mountains. Guests and family members wrung their hands, anxiously glancing at the sky and wondering if Nicole and Jeremy's outdoor ceremony would even happen. Nicole and Jeremy were completely unfazed though.

By mid-day, a blazing sun had torched through the clouds, creating an environment similar to a tropical rain forest. Guests and family members rejoiced at the sun but disparaged the humidity and bugs that were now hovering in clouds. Nicole and Jeremy? Meh. Never even batted an eye.

By late afternoon, right as the ceremony was beginning and Nicole was headed down the aisle, dark, angry clouds began creeping up over the mountains again. Guests and family members stared straight ahead at the couple, only occasionally letting their eyes dart to the horizon. Nicole and Jeremy stood proudly up front, huge grins on their faces, even as Nicole's veil was whipping wildly in the air.

But. Just when they were getting ready to say their vows, the musicians umbrella violently tipped over in a gust of wind and the spell was broken. Nicole glanced at the horizon, glanced and Jeremy, and locked eyes with her wedding coordinator.

"What's the forecast looking like?" She asked, holding her veil down with one hand.

The wedding coordinator gave a nervous grin and said, "Storm's on it's way...ETA 12 minutes."

And with that, the call was made. Nicole and Jeremy lead the charge off the rolling green hill overlooking the lake and mountains with guests scrambling in tow.

Moments later huge drops of rain began pelting the ground and winds whipped violently through the valley. Most guests made it inside the ceremony's back up space, some did not and held jackets and wedding signs over their heads as they ran inside.

Despite the interruption and despite not having an outdoor ceremony like they had hoped, Nicole and Jeremy didn't miss a freaking beat. If anything, their smiles were brighter, the tears more genuine, the laughter louder.

Their reception carried on long into the night and as luck had it, the rain melted away and we were able to dash around the soaked lawn, grabbing some portraits in the fading light.

I had mentioned in their engagement session post that I would share Nicole and Jeremy's story here but I think it may be more appropriate to wait until I share their sunrise session. Because it's an amazing story and I think one better appreciated when you see these romantic and heartfelt shots from the morning after their wedding.

So, without further ado, Nicole and Jeremy's June wedding at the Mountain Top Inn in Chittenden, Vermont!



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