Who Starts a Blog at the END of Wedding Season?

I mean, seriously. Leave it to Beaver to start a blog after wedding season has come and gone. I realize I have a whole slew of weddings over the last several months that I can share and that'll work for awhile, right?

On the other hand, the lack of current material to pull from will most likely force me to be creative and think outside the box with my posts, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I'm kind of looking forward to the challenge. Winters can get super long up here in the Adirondacks and it'll be good to have weekly deadlines to get myself motivated and out of my comfort zone.

For my second (ever) blog post, I present...ME AND MY HUSBAND. I mean, my husband and I.

What are those acronymns baby blogs use?* MDH? My darling husband? My dashing, daring, darjeeling husband?

*disclaimer: I've seen websites explaining fertility acronymns as there are a myriad of oddly specific groups of letters out there in the baby interwebs. And thank goodness for websites like the above-mentioned because some of the acronyms I've come across don't mean what you think they do. Example: BM does not mean what you've always been taught it stands for and DuW does not mean Dancing Underwear (I may have made that up. It probably fits if you have a 3 year old running around your house though) but rather, Dumb Wife. I'll let you know when I've actually found that used in context. It was probably the first and last time used for that person.

Now that I've completely digressed from the original topic, back to my husand, Mike.

Mike, like the majority of guys I've photographed, doesn't like having his picture taken. He missed the bandwagon when it comes to taking millions of selfies and perfecting your camera face but you know what? That's okay. The only way I was able to take the above photos was by telling him to go stand in a specific spot while I adjusted my settings. A bit sneaky, yes. A legitimate reason though? Yes.

The reason for our mini-session was simple. In case you were unaware or more likely, in denial, Christmas is right around the corner and for the first time ever, I'm ordering Christmas cards! We don't really have many photos of just the two of us. In fact, without counting the random iPhone photos, our last real "session" was our wedding.

(I love the sunlight in the above images and how it changes based on the movement of the trees). This session was entirely self-done. My camera was set up on a tripod and I triggered the shutter using a remote. Now I've done self-portraits this way before and it works well but doing a shoot with two people was a whole different ballgame.

Figuring out how you two may look in your head didn't necessarily translate 100% in my photos. Many of the poses came out totally awkward when I finally saw them on my laptop but in my head, I could have sworn they were A+ poses. For example (my husband will kill me for sharing this, but), towards the beginning of the shoot, Mike asked what he should do with one of his hands. Since we were going to be standing hip-to-hip, I told him to put the other in his pocket.

While quickly scrolling through all the RAW images, I realized my mistake. My husband, though simply following my instructions, followed them to a fault. In just about every photo after that first, his hand was ALWAYS in his pocket. Always. Gold star for Mike for following directions. F- for me for my oversight.

These images. I love them. I like negative space. I like dark, rich tones. I like organic images and backgrounds and scenery. These images were the attempts to get closer to us than the previous poses. If I thought posing the two of us while far away from the camera was tough, trying to capture those close-up, intimate, really-neat-angle moments was nearly impossible.

But, like I said in the beginning of this post, this session was executed with one goal in mind: to obtain one Christmas card photo. Never mind the awkward poses or the hand in the pocket in 99.999% of the images. No one wants to see some crazy close image of mine and Mike's faces on their Christmas card. Heck, I don't even want to be sharing those images. Ultimately, I did obtain the ONE photograph I needed and even had a bit of fun with some others during editing.

I've never attempted a "snow conversion" before. This is even saved on my hard drive as "Snow test." TEST. I'm not trying to get anyone to actually believe we were standing in the middle of the woods and it magically began snowing on us. But, it was fun to make the initial attempt. There's some potential there, no? By the way, it was actually about 60 degrees for this photo and I was DYING in that heavy sweater and hat.

All in all, this shoot was successful on multiple parts. A: I got my Christmas card photo. B: I actually got more than just one Christmas card photo, I got a multitude of great photos! C: It gave me great insight into posing, not just for us but for other couples in the future. D: Editing practice. Every time I edit a shoot, I edge a little closer into finalizing what I would consider my "style."

Best of all, look what arrived while I was working on this post! For those who are wondering, I ordered our cards from Minted.

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