Winter Wonderland Wedding in Lake Placid

I knew Rebecca and Nathan's wedding would be special, but didn't realize just how special until it started snowing during their ceremony...their OUTDOOR ceremony.

Even though we live in the mountains, snow in early December can be hit or miss. The last several years, it's been a complete wash with snow not arriving until well after the new year. While a back up plan was in place in case of severe cold or rain, Rebecca and Nathan really had their hearts set on getting married outside. And on top of that, although unlikely, they wanted their outdoor ceremony to have snow.

Well guess what?! Not only did Lake Placid have a good amount of fresh snow that morning ensuring a beautiful outdoor ceremony could happen but it SNOWED during the entire ceremony! And just the ceremony! For 30 minutes, soft flakes fell from the sky, gently coating the guests and bride and groom (the latter claimed to not have even noticed the cold at the time).

I've never had the pleasure of shooting an outdoor ceremony in the snow but hope it's not the last time it happens!