weddings, explained.

weddings, explained.

Seems like all the cool kids today are adventure elopement photographers, huh?

And to be honest, I thought that's what I wanted to market myself as being, too.

This super-niche, super-adventurous elopement only photographer who would only hang out with the super-adventurous couples who basically all looked like Instagram models and who wanted to buck tradition and do their own thing.

(Come on. You know exactly what I'm referring to. Especially if you follow any wedding account on social media).

couples choose to elope for a myriad of reasons

they're not close with their families


budgets go further


want a logistically difficult location

hate being the center of attention

the list could go on & on as every couple will have their own personal reasoning.

Want to know one of the biggest reasons though?

complete freedom to

plan the

Freedom to create this




bespoke day around their











To be able to focus on




and what's truly important.


To do what they




rather than what the mega wedding industry

pressures them to do. 



core values,

shared interests.

each other

want to do

i'm here to tell you you don't have to elope to have

a bespoke, completely-custom-to-you wedding day.

But hey.


Don't get the point of publicly feeding each other cake? 

don't do it.

Does the thought of a garter toss make you want to gag?

don't do it.

Squirm at the thought of having to do a first dance in front of everyone?

don't do it.

Hate to think you have to pick and choose which friends are in the wedding party?

don't do it.

Not trying to be a revolutionary

here but, this ain't

yo mama's wedding.


you do you.

and i'm here to help you do that.

Over the years, I've discovered it's not the elopement itself I've been chasing, but the desire to help couples combine the freedom, flexibility, and untraditional aspects of an elopement into their traditionally-modern wedding day.

To help couples think outside the constraints of what's expected for their wedding and to show that their day can be wholly them and wholly unique while including friends and family members.

so whether your dream day consists of eloping at sunrise at the summit of a mountain, drinking brews around a bonfire with your friends and family, or following all those classic traditions but with your own personal twist,

i am here for it.