Which package is right for you?

from 4 - 24 hours,

how can you possibly decide which 

package is perfect for your day?

You know your budget.

You know who you want as your photographer.

But how are you supposed to know

which package is right for you?

Each and every day is unique to the couple's vision but to get the downlow on how your day could go, keep scrolling!

four hours

The smallest of wedding packages & the one with the most stipulations.

Perfect for micro-weddings & elopements, this package will cover the highlights of your day.

sample timeline

1pm -- Photos begin!

1 - 1:30pm -- Getting ready shots of Partner A

1:30 - 1:45pm -- Partner A's solo portraits

1:45 - 2:15pm -- Getting ready shots of Partner B
2:15 - 2:30pm -- Partner B's solo portraits

2:45pm -- Private first look & portraits

3:30 - 3:45pm -- Ceremony
3:45 - 4pm -- Group shots

4 - 4:30pm -- Couple's portraits

4:30 - 5pm -- Reception candids

5pm -- Photos done

Adament you don't NEED four hours?
Can be broken up by the hour.

six hours

The shortest of the regular wedding packages.

Don't care about getting ready shots or full reception coverage?

This may be the package for you.

sample A timeline

(no getting ready shots)

2pm -- Photos begin!

2pm -- First look

2 - 2:30pm -- Couple's portraits
2:30 - 2:45pm -- Wedding 
Party photos
2:45 - 3pm -- Family photos

3pm -- Couple hidden away as guests arrive
3:30 - 4pm -- Ceremony
4 - 5pm -- Cocktail hour
5pm -- Introductions into first dance
5:10pm -- Parent dances
5:15pm -- Toasts
5:30pm -- Dinner service begins

6:30pm -- Cake cutting
6:45pm -- Dance floor opens
7 - 7:30pm -- Golden hour portraits

7:30 - 8pm -- Dance floor coverage
8pm -- Photos finished

sample B timeline

(minimal reception shots)

11am -- Photos begin!
11 - 12pm -- Partner A's getting ready shots

12:15 - 1:15pm -- Partner B's getting ready shots

1:30pm -- First Look

1:30 - 2pm -- Couple's portraits

2 - 2:20pm -- Wedding party photos
2:20 - 2:40pm -- Family photos
2:40 - 3pm -- Couple hidden away

3 - 3:30pm -- Ceremony
3:30 - 4:30pm -- Cocktail hour
4:30pm -- Introductions into first dance

4:45pm -- Parent dances

4:45 - 5pm -- Toasts

5pm -- Photos finished 

By stacking the first hour of your reception,

most of the "important reception moments"

are captured by the time your photography coverage ends!

eight hours

The "Covers all your bases" Package

Perfect for covering every aspect of your day but leaves little to no time for offsite photos.

sample timeline

12pm -- Photos begin!
12 - 1pm -- Partner A's getting ready shots

1:15 - 2:15pm -- Partner B's getting ready shots

2:30pm -- First look

2:30 - 3pm -- Couple's portraits

3 - 3:20pm -- Wedding party photos
3:20 - 3:50pm -- Family photos

4pm -- Couple hidden away
4:30 - 5pm -- Ceremony
5 - 6pm -- Cocktail hour
6pm -- Intros into first dance
6:10pm -- Parent dances

6:15pm -- Toasts
6:30pm -- Dinner service begins

7 - 7:20pm -- Golden hour portraits
7:30pm -- Cake cutting
7:30 - 8pm -- Dance floor photos

8pm -- Photos done

ten hours

The "Covers all your bases & then some" Package

Getting married someplace with lots of epic photo opportunities? Make sure to leave enough time to hit them all with this package.

sample timeline

10am -- Photos begin!
10 - 11am -- Partner A's getting ready shots

11:15 - 12:15pm -- Partner B's getting ready shots

12:30pm -- First look

12:30 - 2pm -- Portraits offsite
2:30 - 2:50pm -- Wedding party photos

3 - 3:30pm -- Family photos
3:30pm -- Couple hidden away
4 - 4:30pm -- Ceremony
4:30 - 5:30pm -- Cocktail hour

5:30pm -- Intros into first dance
5:40pm -- Parent dances
5:45pm -- Toasts
6pm -- Dinner service begins
7 - 7:15pm -- Golden hour portraits
7:30pm -- Cake cutting
7:30 - 8pm -- Dance floor photos

8pm -- Photos done

twelve hours

Extensive covering

of every-event-of-the-day package

This package automatically comes with a second shooter so get ready for double the in-depth coverage of everything!

sample timeline

10am -- Photos begin!
10 - 12pm -- Photographer A photographs Partner A getting ready

10 - 12pm -- Photographer B photographs Partner B getting ready

12:30pm -- First look

12:30 - 2pm -- Couple's portraits offsite

2:30 - 3pm -- Wedding party photos

3 - 3:30pm -- Family photos (during this time Photographer B photographs reception details)
3:30pm -- Couple hidden away

4 - 4:30pm -- Ceremony

4:30 - 5:30pm -- Cocktail hour

5:30pm -- Formal introductions

5:45pm -- Toasts
6 - 7pm -- Dinner service

7 - 7:30pm -- Golden hour portraits

7:30pm -- First dance
7:35pm -- Parent dances

7:45pm -- Dance floor opens

8pm -- Cake cutting

8 - 10pm -- Dance floor photos

10pm -- Photos finished

24 hours

the complete freedom to plan your wedding weekend exactly how you want to package

Whether you're planning a destination wedding or simply a chill weekend with all your friends and family members, this package offers total freedom to be used however you wish.

rather than give you a 24-hour timeline, think of it this way:

Friday morning, photo coverage begins as your guests embark on a early morning canoe trip.

Lunch is served cowboy-style over a pit of hot coals after your guests return from their early morning excursion. Volleyball games on the shores of the lake ensue. Friends and family spend the afternoon hitting the local trails, relaxing in hammocks, or helping with last minute wedding prep.

Friday night, a huge al fresco dinner is set up under strings of edison bulb lights. A live band plays as anticipation for the next day builds.

Saturday dawns bright and early. One group sets out for a sunrise hike. Another group hangs back, enjoying a leisurely morning of pampering. The day unfolds unhurriedly. The timeline is relaxed and things naturally progress rather than being held to a strict sequence of events.

The day ends on a high note with revelry as the two of you tie the knot.

Sunday morning, you throw your wedding clothes back on. Your dress is dirty now so who cares? We head out on an adventure and take some epic sunrise shots as you enjoy your first morning as a married couple.

Photography coverage wraps up during brunch as you soak in one last meal with those who have traveled so far to be with you this weekend. And you are so, so grateful because you know each and every guest has been photographed and you'll have these memories to cherish for a lifetime.

obviously every wedding is different.

Every couple has different expectations. venues and locations are unique.

travel times vary.

these timelines are meant to give you a

general idea of what to expect from each package and are in no way timelines

set in stone for your day.

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